What is this nonsense?
I created a unique 4 swear word identifier for every 3m by 3m (approx) square in the UK & Ireland. I wanted to know where wanker cunt arse fuck was and it turns out it's in Darlington.
Why only the UK & Ireland?
Sorry guv'ner, only so many swear words to go around.
This word offended me.
I tried my best to remove all the genuinely offensive words (i.e. slurs). If you are still offended maybe swearword based navigation isn't for you.
How does it work?
All code is available for inspection on github. Please don't judge my terrible javascript.
Your javascript is almost as offensive as your map full of swearwords.
Well, I did warn you.
Can I use this for <x>?
Yes, but you almost certainly shouldn't.